STAT!Ref Value-Added Resources for Frequent, Current Information

Evidence Alerts and Medical News Feed come free with every STAT!Ref subscription from TDS Health and deliver news stories and evidence-based medicine (EBM) information related to COVID-19, helping with your clinical decisions. Additionally, if you subscribe to Essential Evidence Plus (EE+) you can also sign-up to receive Daily POEMs (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) Research Summaries.

Learn more these healthcare insights to keep you current on COVID-19 below and click here for a complete list of value-added resources that are available completely free with every STAT!Ref subscription.


Evidence Alerts come free with every TDS Health STAT!Ref subscription. The STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts system provides e-mail delivery and access to evidence-based medicine (EBM) information from current research of over 130 premier clinical journals, a great way to get COVID-19 pandemic articles and updates emailed right to you. Click here for a how-to guide to sign up for Evidence Alerts.


The STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts system works with McMaster University (McMaster PLUS) delivering pre-rated EBM alerts that are qualified, then rated for clinical relevance and newsworthiness by a panel of practicing physicians. STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts offer a range of healthcare disciplines that can be chosen delivering relevant and meaningful EBM information focused on your healthcare interests, helping with your clinical decisions.

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The STAT!Ref Medical News Feed, in conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, brings the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals to you daily. Coverage of 150+ leading international medical journals and 80 major conferences and symposia. Written by experts in an easy-to-digest news format. Flexible content and delivery, including customized topic feeds. Access to daily updates and a complete news archive. Approximately 20-25 stories per day. Included at no extra cost in every TDS Health STAT!Ref subscription. In order to register for STAT!Ref Medical News Feed, you must be a subscriber or user and you must create a TDS Health Profile accountClick here for a How-To Guide to set up your medical news feed today.


Available to those subscribers of Essential Evidence Plus (EE+) from TDS Health and STAT!Ref, are Daily Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters (POEMs) that, among other topics, now provide information relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. POEMs also help you stay up to date in your practice.

Monthly, the complete set is compiled and sent for additional summary review. Each Daily POEM is also added to the Daily POEMs database in EE+, for easy future reference. Ongoing since 1996, EE+ editors now review more than 1,200 studies monthly from more than 100 medical journals, presenting only the best and most relevant as POEMs. The acclaimed POEMs process applies specific criteria for validity and relevance to clinical practice. About 1 in 40 studies qualifies. Those that have EE+ can set up POEMs by following instructions here.

Two examples of recent related COVID-19 POEMs Research Summaries include COVID-19 research briefs: (1) a case series of convalescent sera, and (2) a negative trial of hydroxychloroquine LOE 2c and COVID-19 research briefs: (3) Guidance for remote (telehealth) management (25 March 2020) LOE 5.


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