New Titles for Emergency Medical Services, Epidemiology and Public Health

Available from TDS Health, STAT!Ref the premier healthcare e-resouce, has recently added new titles with the specialties of Emergency Medical Services, Epidemiology and Public Health. See below and the New & Updated page on our website for more information on our new titles, editions and updates as they are released. As a reminder, new edition updates are available to you automatically during your subscription time frame at no extra cost, this value-added convenience is to ensure that you receive the newest and best content available.


New STAT!Ref Titles:

In the field, seconds count. PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support teaches and reinforces the principles of rapidly assessing a trauma patient using an orderly approach, immediately treating life-threatening problems as they are identified, and minimizing any delays in initiating transport to an appropriate destination. Learn more about this Doody’s Core Title for both civilian and military prehospital providers (EMTs, paramedics, students, etc.) here.

Global Health 101, Fourth Edition is a clear, concise, and user-friendly introduction to the most critical issues in global health. Learn more about this Doody’s Core Title for public health students, faculty in public health, and practitioners in the field of global health.

Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP), Fourth Edition is an evidence-based resource of essential medical content for the assessment and management of infants and children in the field. Read more about how PEPP combines world-class content with engaging features and an interactive course to truly prepare prehospital professionals to care for pediatric patients.

Behavioral Epidemiology: Principles and Applications is the first of its kind to bring together the disciplines of the social/behavioral sciences and epidemiology. The text reviews how we study health in relation to behaviors, the complexities of such studies, ways to minimize these complexities, and how to use this knowledge to prevent and control disease in human populations. Find out more about this Doody’s Core Title here.

Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health, Fourth Edition combines theory and practice in presenting traditional and new epidemiologic concepts. Broad in scope, the text opens with five chapters covering the basic epidemiologic concepts and data sources. The authors have been teaching introductory epidemiology courses at Boston University and Harvard University for about three decades, and this book is the product of their teaching experience.

Emergency medical services (EMS) can be a dangerous profession. EMS practitioners are 2 ½ times more likely to die on the job and 3 times more likely than the average worker to miss work as a result of injury. To combat this epidemic, NAEMT created the EMS Safety course to promote a culture of safety and to help reduce the number on-the-job fatalities and injuries. EMS Safety, Second Edition is the next step in the evolution of this critical continuing education course. Click here to learn how EMS Safety trains EMS practitioners to be active participants in their own safety.

Based on nationally recognized and field-tested curricula from across the country, Community Health Paramedicine offers clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures comprehension and encourages critical thinking. Learn more about how this innovative training solution prepares experienced paramedics to expand their role within their existing scope of practice.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness: Practical Applications for the Real World is a comprehensive examination of the critical competencies necessary to prepare for and respond to Public Health emergencies. With real-world stories and anecdotes throughout, the authors synthesize a wealth of material in an easy-to-read format that stimulates learning and provokes reflection about emergency preparedness. Read more about this Doody’s Core Title here.

New STAT!Ref Editions:

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