Distance Learning Tool for Dermatology Residents

Here at TDS Health, we recognize that many residency programs will need to, more than ever before, stay connected with residents, remain engaged and provide proactive remediation. BoardVitals, web-based and usable on any device at any time, is an exam prep tool to help residents train for the American Board of Dermatology (ABD) Certifying Examination.

And, BoardVitals makes suggestions on next questions based on a resident’s performance and includes key analytics and functionality for program leadership and educators. Institutional level subscriptions provide unlimited anywhere access to all residents, administration and faculty.

Current BoardVitals subscribers include the dermatology programs at University of California San Francisco, Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, University of Miami, UCLA and many more.


Other dynamic, online, flipped-classroom tools from TDS Health include Primal Pictures, MedCram (lectures and quizzes), Pharmacology World (in-depth pharmacology videos) and many more.

Please let us know when we can discuss your needs and how our tools can help. Simply contact us and a representative from TDS Health will be in touch.

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