Support Teaching with Virtual Learning Anatomy Tools

Chances are, you’ve had to adapt to the changes in teaching and learning necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Available from TDS Health, Primal Pictures virtual learning anatomy tools have helped thousands continue learning during this period. See below to learn how Primal Pictures can support your institution.

Emulate the cadaver lab with Primal’s 3D Real-time Human Anatomy

  • Maintain the benefits of dissection remotely with a selection of dissection scenes
  • 2D dissection slides are correlated to pre-set models of interactive 3D anatomy models that you can highlight in unison and color-code according to anatomy
  • Create spotter style exams or use as a replacement to in-lab assessments
  • With Primal’s Augmented Reality, students can send images and captions to each other


Promote independent learning with 3D Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Containing learning objectives, guided learning, interactive 3D views, narrated movies and quizzing, available all in one place
  • Contains everything a student would need to independently self-study core principles, filling in learning gaps and complimenting faculty instruction
  • In an online meeting, students can work in groups on structure and label or drag and drop lab activities

Enhance your teaching workflow with Disease & Conditions Content

  • A single source for clear and consistent normal to disease-state anatomy content
  • Save time, enhance comprehension, and improve learning outcomes with a library of verified content
  • Make conditions more relatable and identifiable by providing additional context to textbook explanations

Other products available as part of the Primal Pictures Medical Education Solution include: 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy, 3D Cross-sectional Human Anatomy for CT and MRI: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis, 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound: Lower Limb and 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound: Upper Limb.

For more information, contact us for a free demo of Primal Pictures. Or, already a subscriber and need product training? Please let your representative know.