Osmosis: Source on COVID-19

TDS Health product partner Osmosis has provided updates to their helpful, free, publicly accessible page containing several videos and other pertinent information relating to COVID-19. Like all of the learning materials from Osmosis, their COVID-19 content is easy to understand and reflects the latest research and official guidelines. Get essential information you can rely on.

First, see their video Beating Coronavirus: Flattening the Curve, Raising the Line:

They also have a FREE COVID-19 Course that is CME Eligible. Raise the line and reduce the burden on our healthcare system. Take their free course COVID-19: What Everyone Needs To Know, a 2 CME Eligible course, in partnership with Coursera. Become familiar with the signs, learn how to manage the symptoms, and apply the public health measures needed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.


Also see Osmosis COVID-19 in the press. The Osmosis COVID-19 video has been circulating widely, and they’ve been included in several interviews addressing COVID-19. Read how Osmosis is helping to raise awareness—and raise the line. Find more stories on their press page here.

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