New TDS Health Product: Cram Fighter

Now available from TDS Health, Cram Fighter is a personal board exam study schedule manager for medical students. With Cram Fighter, students free up hours of time, versus creating and managing a study plan by hand or in Excel. It’s available to students through a web browser at or through mobile apps on the App Store or the Play Store.

See below to learn how Cram Fighter helps students stay on track with a detailed study plan that shows exactly what to study every day to get through their resources and to be prepared for the USMLE Step 1 exam and other medical board exams.


To use Cram Fighter, students simply enter their selected resources for their exam, enter their exam date, and then customize aspects of their schedule such as planned days off or regular catch-up days. Once that information has been entered, Cram Fighter handles the rest! Students see a personalized schedule with an itemized list of study tasks to complete each day leading up to their exam date. If a student happens to fall behind and their overdue tasks pile up, they can even reorganize their study schedule with the push of a button using the “Rebalance” feature.

See exactly what to study each day
Cram Fighter generates a daily to-do list based on when students are taking their exams, which resources they are using, and how they want to study. Having a daily goal keeps students from getting overwhelmed.

Save hours planning schedules
The average USMLE study plan has over 650 tasks. Cram Fighter can save hours of time by doing the work of dividing up books, question banks, lectures, and flashcards across students’ study schedules.

Hit target scores
Cram Fighter works. They surveyed thousands of their customers and found they were more likely to reach their target USMLE score if they stuck to their Cram Fighter schedule.

Take the stress out of falling behind
Almost everyone falls behind on their schedule. Use Cram Fighter’s magical rebalance feature to move overdue tasks to future days with a press of a button. Getting back on track has never been easier.

Students know if they’re taking on too much
Backed by data from tens of thousands of study schedules, Cram Fighter can warn students if their expected pace is significantly higher than the average student. They will avoid the costly mistake of building a study schedule that’s too ambitious.

Watch the Cram Fighter Training Video: How to Build a 6 Month USMLE Step 1 Study Schedule to learn more and get in touch today for your free to demo to learn how Cram Fighter can help your medical students organize their study resources and prepare for medical board exams.