New ASHP Drug Shortages Resource

TDS Health has partnered with ASHP to provide their Drug Shortages database, the most widely recognized and the leading source of evidence-based drug shortage information for clinicians, consumers, and health policy leaders and more.

Drug Shortages will be included at no extra cost in every TDS Health subscription that includes one of the following resources:

Developed in conjunction with the University of Utah’s Drug Information Service, Drug Shortages rapidly delivers actionable clinical information as a critical component of medication management and safe and effective patient care.

Drug Shortages:

  • Has over 300 shortage bulletin on drugs, biologics, devices, and specific dose form
  • Only source of drug shortage information that includes recommendations for alternative therapies
  • Active monitoring and regular communication with manufacturers for ongoing shortages
  • Updated daily

Watch the video to learn more about Drug Shortages. Also, click here to learn how you can access Drug Shortages on the TDS Health platform or set-up email alerts. If you do not have any of the above resources from TDS Health, and are interested in Drug Shortages, please contact your representative today at 800-901-5494.