New Respiratory Therapy Titles Now Available

One of the newest titles just added to the STAT!Ref library available from TDS Health is called Respiratory Critical Care. This is in addition to the new, complementary Jones & Bartlett Learning Respiratory Therapy titles called Linz’s Comprehensive Respiratory DiseasesMechanical Ventilation and Respiratory Care: Principles and Practice. See below to learn more about these books intended for respiratory therapy students and practicing clinicians in the field.

Respiratory Critical Care is the definitive resource for both students and professionals in the field. The scope of material makes the book a stand-alone reference: while most volumes on the subject limit their coverage to mechanical ventilation, this text segues from mechanical ventilation into respiratory critical care, and concludes with clinical practice guidelines. The strategic sequencing of concepts ensures that each chapter prepares the reader for a more effective understanding of the next. Read more about this this exciting new textbook here.

Written for the undergraduate Respiratory Therapy student, Linz’s Comprehensive Respiratory Diseases helps respiratory therapy students gain the knowledge they need to pass the National Board for Respiratory Care’s (NBRC) Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credentialing exams and launch careers as competent, confident respiratory therapists. The text provides a comprehensive overview of the pulmonary and cardiac disorders that are covered on the NBRC board exams and most frequently require an RT’s care in clinical settings. Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of this excellent book.

Mechanical Ventilation is a comprehensive guide to the evaluation and management of critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilatory support. This new text helps respiratory care students and clinicians alike bridge the gap between theory and practice as they strive to provide the very best care for patients. This book was created for respiratory therapy students and clinicians caring for patients on mechanical ventilatory support primarily in the critical care arena.

With contributions from over 75 of the foremost experts in the field, the fourth edition of best-selling Respiratory Care: Principles and Practice continues to represent the absolute best in clinical and academic expertise. Respiratory Care: Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition incorporates up to date and essential information on the practice of respiratory care into a well-organized, cohesive, reader-friendly guide, helping students learn skills such as critical thinking, care plan development, patient education, and clinical leadership. Including a wealth of student and instructor resources, this text provides essential information in a practical and manageable format for optimal learning and retention. Learn more about this outstanding book that continues to be a standard in respiratory care.

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