Learn How Primal Pictures Online 3D Anatomy Resources Replaced Print

In a recent case study entitled Primal Replaces Print at UiT The Artic University of Norway and Earns a Round of Applause, Dr. Eirik Reierth, Senior Academic Librarian at UiT The Artic University of Norway, talks about how he is so taken with Anatomy.tv that it is the first resource he shows medical students.

Dr. Reierth explains “We have a course – every first-year student is met by the University Library and the IT department in a one-hour sort of gig to give them a heads-up on what they can do and what resources are available. And, of course, for medical students, that’s Primal Pictures. It’s the first resource I show them each year, so they get used to the idea of having it there at their fingertips.”

Dr. Reierth, who has worked at UiT for over 25 years, was first introduced to Primal Pictures over 10 years ago at a European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) event. “I was sort of impressed and I just loved it,” he says. This affinity grew in 2014, when the University Library decided to prioritize digital resources over print.

Dr. Reierth is bowled over with Anatomy.tv’s new Smart Search feature, which makes discovering anatomy content simple, fast and efficient. Why? Because faculty and students love it and it has made his job easier, with no need to provide additional training or support. In fact, he says this new feature was met with applause.

“It’s so much easier to navigate in it – it’s just fantastic. You can just enter whatever you want to find, and you get everything in the anatomy family popping up. So, it’s great. I love it and I’ve heard a lot of nice feedback,” he says. This includes a big thumbs up from UIT’s pathologists.

When asked to evaluate Anatomy.tv and its value to students and staff, Dr. Reierth says. “I know they use it; I know that those who are lecturing the medical students use it. So, by this and my knowledge of Anatomy.tv, it’s just brilliant. And, it’s the best we can buy for the money.”

Currently, Dr. Reierth is exploring Primal Pictures Virtual Reality and Primal’s Disease & Conditions content. “But I think this will be a thing for us for the future,” says Dr. Reierth. “And I’m really happy that you’re launching a VR product. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Likewise, he sees Primal’s new Disease & Conditions modules enhancing UIT’s problem-based learning with students. Now covering over 85 conditions, these clinical anatomy learning resources combine custom images, animations, and videos of normal and disease-state anatomy. They are also ready to use with students. “This is fantastic!” he says. “I’m going to send a heads-up today to all my colleagues.”

You can download the UiT case study here to share with your colleagues and be sure to contact us today for your free demo to learn how Primal Pictures virtual learning anatomy tools can support your students.