Picmonic for Nursing Educators

Available from TDS Health, Picmonic is an audiovisual study tool for nursing and other healthcare students with a research-proven methodology that transforms need-to-know facts into memorable stories and characters. Picmonic’s comprehensive learn-quiz-review study app system provides extensive coverage of topics, facts and concepts that students need to learn to succeed in school and pass their exams. See the video below and contact us to learn more.

How do educators maximize a student’s potential with Picmonic? Enhance student performance with customizable coursework and the detailed student analytics dashboards allow for educator intervention and remediation. Educators use Picmonic as a resource:

  • To help students increase test scores and excel in school
  • As a fun introduction to the material so they are prepared for class
  • As a supplemental source of student reference material
  • To add examples and engaging content to lecture slides

Would you like to learn more via a webinar demonstration? Just contacts us here and a representative will be in touch soon.