Help Your Students Create The Perfect Study Schedule with Cram Fighter

Cram Fighter has partnered with TDS Health for institutional subscription opportunities. Cram Fighter subscription options include institutional access in the form of library or program purchases, student adoption coordination or custom solutions based on your unique needs. See below and contact us to learn more about a solution that will work for your institution.

Cram Fighter helps thousands of medical students each year to organize their study resources and prepare for medical board exams. With Cram Fighter, students free up hours of time, versus creating and managing a study plan by hand or in Excel. It keeps them accountable with study plans for the USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, Shelf exams, and COMLEX board exams. Students stay on track with a detailed study plan that shows exactly what to study every day to get through their resources and to be prepared.

To use Cram Fighter, students simply enter their selected resources for their exam, enter their exam date, and then customize aspects of their schedule such as planned days off or regular catch-up days. Once that information has been entered, Cram Fighter handles the rest! Students see a personalized schedule with an itemized list of study tasks to complete each day leading up to their exam date. If a student happens to fall behind and their overdue tasks pile up, they can even reorganize their study schedule with the push of a button using the “Rebalance” feature.

Students can view their study schedules any way they want it:

  • The weekly view is a student’s main view and gives them a breakdown of exactly what to do each day
  • Monthly view shows students a bird’s-eye view of their schedule, one month a time
  • Use Cram Fighter’s search feature to find specific tasks instantly
  • See all overdue tasks in one place, so users can be sure they never forget to cover something
  • Get detailed stats and graphs showing progress over time
  • Students get tasks for the day delivered to their inbox every morning
  • Cram Fighter can show a printable view of a schedule

Watch the Cram Fighter Training Video: How to Build a 6 Month USMLE Step 1 Study Schedule to learn more and get in touch today for your free to demo to learn how Cram Fighter can help your medical students organize their study resources and prepare for medical board exams.