Improve Student Learning and the Long-term Retention of Pharmacology Knowledge

Pharmacology World is a series of videos that cover all major drug classes and includes: mechanism of action, key pharmacokinetics, major therapeutic uses, and common and serious adverse effects. It also incorporates relevant physiology, pathophysiology and biochemistry.

Please take a moment to check out this brief overview video of Pharmacology World from TDS Health.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Allergy, Pain, Inflammation, and Immune System Pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology
  • Central Nervous System Pharmacology
  • Endocrine Pharmacology
  • Gastroinestinal Pharmacology
  • Hematology and Oncology Pharmacology
  • Infectious Disease Pharmacology
  • Respiratory Pharmacology
  • Special Topics: Spasmolytics and Muscle Relaxants

Your students will benefit from these Pharmacology World videos to help master the key concepts of pharmacology, prepare for course exams and national licensing exams.  Videos range in length from 8 to 32 minutes. Get in touch to talk to a TDS Health team member about adding Pharmacology World to your subscription today!