Bringing Primal Pictures to Life: Innovation and Continual Evolution of Anatomy Resources

Celebrate 30 years of continuously evolving human anatomy resources! TDS Health partner Primal Pictures invites you to explore the past three years of its intuitive, flexible, and impactful anatomy and physiology software innovations, developed in direct response to customer needs.

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Facilitate teaching and learning
Trace the recent software developments that continue to make Primal the leader in digital anatomy & physiology resources.

The Product Development team at Primal Pictures has worked to continually innovate and improve the human anatomy resources that have made Primal a trusted name for three decades. Explore the development timeline to see solutions that have:

  • Improved performance and accessibility, with HTML5 mobile compatibility
  • Its time-saving, intuitive Smart Search interface
  • The ability to Integrate Primal content into your LMS or webpage with the Embeddable Viewer
  • Anatomy Quiz and PALMs (Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules) – the ultimate testing and assessment tools
  • Immersive, 3D anatomy experiences, with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 
  • Adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • And many more

See how Primal’s Development Team has committed to supporting students in their learning of human anatomy, from the start of their education all the way through to their practice.  Download your interactive timeline now and see how responding to customer needs is sparking innovation and continual evolution of anatomy resources at Primal Pictures.

To discuss Primal Pictures resources and their recent enhancements get in touch here.