Support Educators and Increase Student Engagement with Picmonic

Picmonic incorporates known memory science techniques to maximize long term retention and is designed to engage so you will have better prepared students for their classes and exams, on their way to becoming outstanding healthcare professionals.

Picmonic “picture-mnemonic” videos with built-in recall and spaced-repetition-based quizzes have been research-proven to improve learning , supporting educators across the country by increasing student engagement, confidence and performance. Watch the video below and and get in touch to learn more.

How do educators maximize a student’s potential with Picmonic? Enhance student performance with customizable coursework and the detailed student analytics dashboards allow for educator intervention and remediation. Educators use Picmonic as a resource:

  • To help students increase test scores and excel in school – Listen to what students have to say about Picmonic
  • As a fun introduction to the material so they are prepared for class
  • As a supplemental source of student reference material
  • To add examples and engaging content to lecture slides

Would you like to learn more about institutional subscription opportunities in the form of program or library purchases, student adoption coordination, or other custom solutions? Contact us here and we will be in touch soon.