Integrate Picmonic Into Your LMS

Do you or faculty at your institution struggle with engaging students in the classroom, virtual or not? Many educators have been able to maximize a student’s potential and enhance student performance with customizable coursework from Picmonic.

The detailed student analytics dashboard allows for educator intervention and remediation, too. Educators use Picmonic as a resource:

  • To help students increase test scores and excel in school
  • As a fun introduction to the material so they are prepared for class
  • As a supplemental source of student reference material
  • To add examples and engaging content to lecture slides

Picmonic also integrates with a Learning Management System. Students love learning with picture mnemonics and you can provide your students easy access through your LMS. There is a LMS app specifically for Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard to embed highly effective and engaging Picmonic videos and quizzes in assignments.

Educators can provide their student’s easy access to relevant Picmonic content through their LMS and they will come to class more prepared, they will be entertained and they will remember the critical knowledge required to pass exams and excel as competent healthcare professionals. Even better, this app includes full LTI functionality, Single Sign-On, and Grade Book data syncing. See more details via this quick video below:

If you’re interested in learning more via a quick call with one of our representatives or have an overview demonstration via webinar, please contact us today.