Empower Your Students to Realize Their Potential with Picmonic from TDS Health

Available from TDS Health, Picmonic has been research-proven to increase test scores by 50%. Students using Picmonic have experienced a 3X increase in long-term memory retention for important facts. Educators who use Picmonic are able to provide their students with a highly cost-effective learning platform. For a handout that you can share with colleagues to help them understand the value of Picmonic, download the Picmonic For Educators Guide and watch the video below for a Picmonic review by Educators.

For this current generation of students who favors the visual nature of social media and video games, learning via text-based material (even if it’s online) is hard. Educators find that students do not read, students generally do not come to class prepared and students spend all of their time trying to memorize facts without really understanding the material. So educators are looking for ways to engage students better from day 1, to ensure that students prepare for class and retain what they have learned, increasing student outcomes and success.

Educators use Picmonic’s visual learning content in the classroom to improve student engagement by embedding Picmonic imagery, videos & quizzes into their lectures. They can easily assign Picmonic lessons to students via the school Learning Management System (LMS), such as Canvas, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, and Blackboard. Even better, the Picmonic app includes full LTI functionality, Single Sign-On & Grade Book data syncing.

Educators like Alycia Engrisch at Bryant & Stratton College in Virginia uses Picmonic to easily create materials that engage her students from the start and help students understand concepts more quickly. She notes that success is “consistent, relatively immediate” and “throughout the semester”. Students claim that using Picmonic actually decreases their study time (they do less repetitive attempts at rote memorization) and are able to focus more on conceptual understanding.

Are you interested in providing Picmonic to enhance student performance with specific coursework, or for intervention and remediation? Contact us today to schedule a quick call with one of our representatives or have an overview demonstration via webinar.