2021 Doody’s Core Titles Now Available from STAT!Ref

The recently released 2021 edition of Doody’s Core Titles, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries, represents entirely new Core Title selections and Essential Purchase recommendations. We are pleased to announce that STAT!Ref, available from TDS Health, currently offers 299 on the 2021 Doody’s Core Title, Essential Purchase Title or Doody’s Star Rating designation (or a combination of these designations).

For the complete 2021 STAT!Ref Doody’s Core Titles and Essential Purchase Titles by Discipline list click here, or click here for a pdf, and see below for some of the newest STAT!Ref titles within this comprehensive collection.

Read what Collection Development Librarians say about Doody’s Core Titles®

“When I developed LibGuides for our clinical departments, I relied heavily on Doody’s Core Titles (DCT). Many of the titles in DCT coincide with… faculty recommendations… Doody’s Core Titles and Doody’s Review Service are essential to collection management for selecting monographs. Using Doody’s services helps librarians and libraries better develop and manage their collections”
— Jie Li, MLS
Charles M. Baugh Biomedical Library, University of South Alabama (Retired)

“To help shape the library collection, library directors should…take advantage of collection development tools such as Doody’s Core Titles.” (emphasis added)
— Dexter N, Muellenbach JM, Lorbeer ER, Rand D, Wilcox ME, Long BA.Building new twenty-first century medical school libraries from the ground up: challenges, experiences, and lessons learned. J Med Libr Assoc. 2019 Jan;107(1):6-15. DOI

Doody’s Core Titles is one of our most frequently used collection development tools for our allied health programs. DCT is easy to use and includes reviews of recently published materials. We love it!”
— Amie B., Louisville, KY

For assistance selecting titles, or to request a quote, please contact your TDS Health representative here or by calling 800-901-5494 today!