TDS Health Quarterly Update

Here at TDS Health, we sincerely thank you for all you have done in healthcare, education and other areas, as we all find new ways to adapt to a new normal. That said, please let us know what TDS Health can do better to assist you, as we are here to help as we can. In the meantime, please see below for what is new at TDS Health this quarter. 

The latest Quarterly Newsletter e-mail recently sent to subscribers includes:

New Resource: Wiley Visual Library offers an easy way to search for visual content across scientific publications. This comprehensive library contains over 2 million visual assets, including photos, figures, videos, and more. Clinicians, researchers, and students will save time sourcing peer-reviewed, reliable visual content to reach their goals.

BoardVitals Subscriber Support: There is a new BoardVitals Training Video: Taking Quizzes for your users. This short video simply shows a user how to create a new quiz by choosing an available test bank from the drop-down on the dashboard. It illustrates how you can choose a New Custom Quiz or a Quick Start Quiz, which is a quick 10-question all-subject quiz used in study mode. It then goes into how to customize a quiz using the untimed, timed or study mode, choose a difficulty level, subjects and number of questions and more. 

Primal Pictures Solution Sets: Easily obtain the right anatomy and physiology resources needed for your institution’s courses and practice with new solution sets from Primal Pictures. These ready-made, customizable packages contain the perfect selection of A&P content for a wide variety of programs and institutions, allowing you to provide faculty, students and practitioners with the world’s most powerful and accurate A&P modules for teaching and learning.

New Nursing and Social Work Products: Developed by experts in the fields of nursing and social work, namely Maria Leik and Dawn Apgar, Springer Publishing’s ExamPrepConnect is a suite of certification preparation products with robust review content, exam-style questions with detailed answer rationales and interactive features and functionality.

Integrate Picmonic Into Your LMS: Did you know that Picmonic has Learning Management Systems integration? Students love learning with picture mnemonics and you can provide your students easy access through your LMS. There is a LMS app specifically for Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard to embed research-proven as highly effective Picmonic videos and quizzes in assignments. Educators can provide their student’s easy access to relevant Picmonic content through their LMS and they will come to class more prepared, they will be entertained and they will remember the critical knowledge required to pass exams.

Newest STAT!Ref Titles and Editions: Even though we are now identifying ourselves as TDS Health, STAT!Ref is certainly still a product offering with hundreds of full-text titles within many healthcare specialties. Some of the newest popular resources include: Stahl’s Illustrated Alzheimer’s Disease and Other DementiasToolkit for New Accreditation ProfessionalsThe Joint Commission Big Book of EC, EM, and LS ChecklistsECMO in the Adult PatientStahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology: Prescriber’s GuideField HospitalsPerioperative Care of the Elderly PatientConcussion and Traumatic Encephalopathy and more.

Doody’s Core Titles and STAT!Ref: The recently released 2021 edition of Doody’s Core Titles, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries, represents entirely new Core Title selections and Essential Purchase recommendations. We are pleased to announce that STAT!Ref currently offers 299 on the 2021 Doody’s Core Title, Essential Purchase Title or Doody’s Star Rating designation (or a combination of these designations). See the updated list on the TDS Health website here.

Recent Librarian Review of STAT!Ref: Please see a recent librarian Review of STAT!Ref in Doody’s Collection Development Monthly by Noreen Mulcahy, MLIS, AHIP, Lead Health Sciences Librarian, Technical Services at Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library. She states, “STAT!Ref offers a flexible and affordable way to build an ebook collection. The titles in STAT!Ref’s collection are varied and current. Sales reps are assigned by region and are very responsive to clients’ needs and questions.” 

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