Help Your Students Prepare with Confidence Using ExamPrepConnect

Available from TDS Health, Springer Publishing ExamPrepConnect works with universities, associations, societies and healthcare institutions to help students and staff pass their certification or licensure exams. They provide powerful analytics and exam prep solutions for educational and staff development programs at every level.

Sourced from Springer’s best-selling content developed by experts in the fields of nursing and behavioral science, such as Maria Leik, Dawn Apgar and more, included are robust exam-style questions with detailed answer rationales. Interactive student features include timed practice tests, game center and discussion board, while faculty administrators can assign study schedules, track student progress and performance, identify weaknesses and more. 

ExamPrepConnect Dashboard: Instructor & Administrator Features:

STUDENT USAGE: Monitor student progress and time spent on platform; promote engagement to inactive users.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE: Track student performance data and areas of strengths and weakness to inform instructional plans and remediation needs.

ASSIGNMENTS: Create and assign curricula and study tasks.

ANALYTICS: Analyze data at student, group/ class, and institutional level.

Springer Publishing ExamPrepConnect gives your students the tools and confidence they need to pass the first time. Get ahead, get started today! Contact us here for your free demo.