Celebrating 30 Years of Primal Pictures

Did you know TDS Health partner Primal Pictures got its start 30 years ago by using data from the Visible Human Project in which real bodies were prepared, sliced, photographed, and then digitized? Since their resources are based on these (and many other) scans, combined with the expertise of their anatomists and peer-review team, Primal provides unrivaled authenticity and accuracy you can trust.

Primal Pictures has come a long way, but have always stayed connected to the powerful community they have built and take pride in. Today, they continue to lead the future of 3D digital anatomy learning through their unwavering dedication to providing – from the ground up – the best possible tools for health science educators, students and practitioners worldwide to teach, learn and practice. 

To celebrate their birthday please take a moment to watch this new video spotlighting Primal Pictures in 2021.

The Strength of Primal Pictures
Their 3D model was trailblazing in 1991, and they have yet to stop. Their path continues to ignite inspiration and empower their users, and they would be thrilled for you to join them on their journey. Here are some highlights of Primal’s culture that you’ll enjoy: 

They listen to clients: The Primal team tirelessly seeks feedback to iteratively improve their content – for 30 years and counting! We will continue to grow and evolve to help the next generation of students and professionals achieve the best possible outcomes.

They set ambitious goals: They have an incredibly robust content set, but they never stand still. The highly anticipated tools and enhancements in their pipeline will build on their legacy and help propel them into the next 30 years. Stay tuned!

They take their integrity seriously: Primal’s unparalleled accuracy is the bedrock of their commitment to and partnership with you. You can trust they will deliver what you need for superior anatomy learning. And they’re so confident about their model they would like you to assess it yourself with a free demo!

Learn more about driving better anatomy and physiology learning outcomes through Primal Pictures’ best-in-class, peer-reviewed portfolio. Get in touch today!