The Most Accurate Anatomy Content Available at Your Fingertips

Now more than ever, both students and educators need reliable human anatomy resources that you can access at all times, no matter where you are. Available from TDS Health, Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy resources meet the challenges of today’s demands with the flexible options. Learn more below and contact us for your free demonstration today.

Primal Pictures resources have always been created with the end user in mind, and by listening to their customers they learn how to help them achieve their goals. In response, they’ve developed applications that operate and integrate seamlessly across the entire spectrum of devices and platforms – as opposed to others that require extensive administrator oversight and offer limited access.

Enliven teaching and keep all learners on track:

  • Integrate Primal’s interactive content into your website, learning management systems, virtual learning environments or any other resource with the Embeddable Viewer
  • Primal’s interactive 3D Anatomy Quiz app adjusts according to level of competency


  • Seamless access to Primal content no matter the device, removing barriers for students
  • Added features include augmented reality, allowing the user to place digital anatomy in the real world, as well as offline access

Emulate the cadaver lab:

  • Flexible, consistent, web-based access available 24/7 from any device
  • Trackable self-evaluation assessments for the entire body and its systems
  • Easily adapt back to in-person learning

Get in touch to discover how you can access Primal’s gold-standard anatomy and physiology content through flexible user interfaces for any device. Or, if you are a current subscriber and would like training contact us today and representative from TDS Health will be in touch shortly.