New Primal Pictures Profiles Personalize Your Experience

Primal Pictures is excited to announce Personal Profiles – the newest enhancement to that will customize, streamline and make your experience personal to you!

We all love to have personalization in our lives, from TV recommendations to pre-filled favorites in our shopping carts. And why not? It saves us all a bit of time and makes our lives easier by not having to sweat the small decisions.

If we could all save a few minutes in every task, that extra time would soon add up. What would you do with an extra hour or even 30 minutes? Primal can’t promise to make every task in your day quicker, but’s new Personal Profiles will help.

Personal Profiles launches in January 2022. But they’re opening it up for EARLY ACCESS now.

Use’s Personal Profiles to meet your educational needs:

  • Individualize with a dashboard created especially for you
  • Simplify by eliminating content overload – products are recommended to you based on your subscription, occupation and course/professional specialization
  • Speed up your experience by favoriting the products you use most and picking up where you last left off
  • Boost efficiency by saving your favorite content to your profile rather than your device so they can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Gain value with help and tutorial content tailored to you based on your usage

For the latest information on this new development, please contact us.