New BoardVitals Feature Now Available: Tutor Mode

Now available from BoardVitals is a band new feature called Tutor mode. Tutor mode is a new quiz mode that grades your response to a question based on your first attempt. Users can continue to make attempts to answer the question and test their knowledge, but only the first response will be used for grading. This is different than Study mode that uses the final answer attempt to calculate your grade.

How does this change performance metrics? All quizzes including Study, Tutor, and Test mode are included in calculating your overall performance metrics. Previously Study mode was not included in the performance metrics. Users may see a change in their overall score due to the inclusion of Study mode. For NCLEX users, the CAT mode continues to not be included in the overall performance metrics given its unique structure.

If you have questions about this new feature or would like to learn more about BoardVitals options for your institution, please contact us here today.