TDS Health Quarterly Newsletter

TDS Health wishes you a joyous and healthy holiday season with peace and cheer in the New Year! Given the turbulent past couple of years, we sincerely thank you for all you have done in healthcare, education and other areas, as we all find new ways to adapt to a new normal. That said, as we will soon embark upon a new year, please let us know what TDS Health can do to better assist you. We are here to help however that may be, as we greatly value our customers. In the meantime, please see below for what is new this quarter.

NEW BoardVitals Tutor Mode Now Available: The NEW BoardVitals Tutor Mode feature, now available in all subscribing accounts, is a new quiz mode that grades a user’s response to a question based off of their first attempt. This is different than Study Mode that uses final answers to calculate grades. Please note that overall performance metrics will now include all quizzes: Study, Tutor, and Test Modes. See more details by clicking here.

A Peek at Primal Pictures Real-time Functional Anatomy: Primal Pictures just unveiled the early access version of their latest innovation: Real-time Functional Anatomy. It’s an evolution of the cutting-edge functional content that sets Primal apart, marrying the anatomically accurate movements of their Functional Anatomy models with the flexibility of their Real-time environment. Real-time Functional Anatomy reveals the complexity of human motion like no other resource. This early access launch will allow end users to trial and subscribe at a discounted rate, granting access to new features as they are developed. See the Quick Start Video and more details here.

BoardVitals Nurse Practitioner Test Banks Enhanced: Full-length practice exams in the board exam interface, now available as an add-on to new or current BoardVitals Nurse Practitioner subscriptions, provide users with a simulated test day experience. With practice exams for Adult-Gerontology Primary and Acute Care NP, Pediatric NP, Family NP and Psychiatric NP, users can mimic the board exam experience in an effort to ease test anxiety prior to exam day. See more details here, and get in touch to learn how this feature can be added to current or new BoardVitals subscriptions.

NANOS NOTE (Coming Soon): Coming soon to the STAT!Ref collection is NANOS NOTE (Neuro-Ophthalmology Techniques of Examination) for NON-neuro-ophthalmologists. Produced by the North American Neuro-ophthalmology Society (NANOS), this resource is designed to teach and improve implementation of basic neuro-ophthalmic examination techniques and increase confidence in practitioners who use these skills to evaluate patients with visual and neurological complaints. In developing NOTE, NANOS surveyed a variety of healthcare practitioners and trainees to assess feedback about techniques they would most value. NOTE presents 62 disorders and conditions using text, audio, PowerPoint slides, PDFs and over 100 videos.

Practice Exams in the BoardVitals USMLE Interface: Now available as an add-on to BoardVitals USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3 subscriptions, full-length practice exams in the FRED-style exam interface provide students with a simulated test day experience. With these new and updated practice exams, users can mimic the board exam experience in an effort to ease test anxiety prior to exam day. See more details here, and get in touch to learn how this feature can be added to current or new BoardVitals subscriptions.

New Resource – Wiley Visual Library: Wiley Visual Library offers an easy way to search for visual content across scientific publications. This comprehensive library contains over 2 million visual assets, including photos, figures, videos, and more. Clinicians, researchers, and students will save time sourcing peer-reviewed, reliable visual content to reach their goals. Wiley Visual Library is a subscription-based discovery tool that complements STAT!Ref in users’ workflows. Users can more effectively find the visual content they need, and link back to relevant topics within STAT!Ref. Assets link back to the source content on Wiley Online Library, and to the article on PubMed.

Primal Pictures Personalized Profiles Launching Soon: Personal Profiles is the newest enhancement to Primal Picture’s that will customize, streamline and make a user’s experience personal to them. With this new feature, coming soon in January 2022, users can individualize the platform with a dashboard created especially for them. They can simplify their experience by eliminating content overload, as products are recommended based on their subscription, occupation and course/professional specialization. Profiles also speed up the Primal experience by favoriting the products used most and picking up where users last left off.

ASHP’s Drug Shortages Email Alerts: ASHP’s Drug Shortages database is the most widely recognized leading source of evidence-based drug shortage information for clinicians, consumers, and health policy leaders. Learn how to set-up email alerts for this resource or you can also access the Drug Shortages panel on the TDS Health product homepage. Having any one or more of certain American Society of Health-System Pharmacists titles in your STAT!Ref subscription qualifies you for ASHP’s Drug Shortages, a free STAT!Ref value-added resource.

The Newest STAT!Ref Title Editions: Even though we are now identifying ourselves as TDS Health, STAT!Ref is certainly still a product offering with hundreds of full-text titles within many healthcare specialties. Newest title editions are available for the following: ICD-10-CM: Clinical ModificationCancer Immunotherapy Principles and PracticeEssentials of Musculoskeletal CareStahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical ApplicationsMerritt’s NeurologyPediatric Psychopharmacology for Primary CareThe Doctor of Nursing Practice EssentialsTaber’s Cyclopedic Medical DictionaryEmergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and InjuredCrowley’s An Introduction to Human Disease and more. 

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