NANOS NOTE for NON-Neuro-Ophthalmologists 

The newest title in the STAT!Ref collection is NANOS NOTE: Neuro-Ophthalmology Techniques of Examination for Non-Neuro-Ophthalmologists. NANOS’ Curriculum Committee, staff from University of Utah’s Eccles Health Science Library, and TDS Health collaborated to curate and produce NOTE, a structured database for practitioners and trainees who evaluate patients with visual and neurological complaints.

The goal of NOTE is to teach basic neuro-ophthalmic examination techniques, and increase confidence in practitioners who are not familiar with the skills or avoid implementing them.

In developing NOTE, NANOS surveyed a variety of healthcare practitioners and trainees to assess feedback about techniques they would most value. NOTE presents 62 disorders and conditions using text, audio, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and 99 videos. Examples of topics examined are: anisocoria, distance acuity and pinhole examination, pupillary size measurement in light and dark, common eye movement abnormalities, non-cognitive assessment, clinical examination of mental status and facial symmetry.

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