Whittier College Enhances Experiences for Kinesiology Students Using Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures strives to deliver best-in-class anatomical solutions that educate, engage and inspire, answering the need for better understanding of human anatomy to promote and advance health science.

In their newest case study they highlight how Whittier College’s long-term Anatomy.tv subscription has enhanced the learning experience for their kinesiology students.

As a senior lecturer of 15 years in Whittier College’s kinesiology department, Melanie Householder includes Anatomy.tv as an essential part of her course: ‘The students like it and I really had no interest in searching for anything else.’

She was first introduced to Primal resources 12 years ago, through a DVD she received with a textbook, and it became standard teaching material. Now completely online, she primarily uses the high-quality 3D functional anatomy animations as a visual stimulation to engage her students with the subject.

Having access to Anatomy.tv during the pandemic, Householder was able to move her classes online without too much interruption. ‘What I loved for my students was the accessibility anywhere,’ she says. ‘So, no matter where they were… it was on their phone… it was on their computer… if they were at home… if they were at school or wherever they were – they had access.’ This was a major factor in the successful transition, as students never lost out on valuable studying time waiting for course structure changes.

Since upgrading to a full subscription, she can now embed content straight from Anatomy.tv directly into her LMS (Learning Management System) – a far quicker and simpler method than downloading separate files from a DVD! Through course evaluations and direct feedback from her students, Householder knows they love using Anatomy.tv as part of their kinesiology online learning.

She says it unlocks a whole new level of understanding. Seeing the muscles in motion, for example – and color coded to distinguish between eccentric, concentric and isometric contractions – simply excites them. Householder is keen to not only direct her students to particular features, but – crucially – let them go down ‘rabbit holes’ and discover on their own. ‘I think self-exploration is really, really exciting and that’s what I hope it prompts.’ And she’s confident that if students want to test themselves when studying, Anatomy.tv’s quizzes are the reliable way to go. ‘You know everything has been vetted and has been checked,’ she says. ‘As opposed to [other websites] I can’t verify.”

Now Householder says she’s looking forward to expanding her use of Anatomy.tv by incorporating more from the Functional Anatomy Suite to further increase engagement. And she feels secure in knowing that it will always be consistently accurate.

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