Medicine Explained Clearly by World-Class Instructors

MedCram medical illustrations allows for greater understanding of key concepts in less time. They prioritize the most important information for exam preparation and clinical practice.

MedCram lecturers Dr. Seheult and Dr. Jacquet are renowned instructors with the experience and skill to take your medical understanding to the next level.

MedCram believes that medical slides over-packed with information should be a thing of the past. Simple medical diagrams and animations lead to better understanding and retention.

Available MedCram Packages:

EKG/ECG Interpretation Explained Clearly:

  • 45 digestible & clearly explained videos, printable practice EKGs, and quizzes to reinforce key concepts
  • The best online EKG course we are aware of—with outstanding reviews from medical students, residents, PAs/NPs and Physicians
  • Broad appeal to a wide variety of training programs, medical schools, and medical specialties
  • Student feedback suggests that EKG Interpretation is one of the most daunting skills for students. It is complex, often not taught efficiently by instructors, and frequently tested and utilized clinically

Ultrasound Package:

  • Package includes two courses taught by ultrasound expert Joshua Jacquet, MD – Emergency Ultrasound Direc- tor at Cleveland Clinic Akron General:

– Ultrasound Principles & Instrumentation

– FAST Exam Explained Clearly

  • Ideal for students and professionals in the trauma and emergency settings or institutions wanting to add or improve their ultrasound curriculum

MedCram All-Access Package includes all 56 MedCram courses on a wide variety of medical topics including:

– Antibiotics
– Heart Failure
– Mechanical Ventilation – Sleep Apnea
– Vasopressors
– Acute Renal Failure

– Chest X-Ray Interpretation – Hyponatremia
– Medical Acid Base
– Asthma

– Hypertension
– Pulmonary Function Tests – Liver Pathophysiology

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