TDS Health and Primal Pictures at the AACA Annual Conference Next Week

TDS Health will be exhibiting with our partner Primal Pictures at the 2022 AACA Annual Meeting in Fort Worth next week. Please be sure to stop by the booth to say hello and learn more about Primal Pictures resources, the world’s most medically accurate and detailed 3D graphic rendering of human anatomy.

Available at our booth will also be a Primal Pictures Virtual Reality headset! Interact with human anatomy in a completely new way with Primal VR. Walk 360 degrees around the model and select, scale, and rotate each structure for a fully immersive experience that raises the understanding of anatomy while also increasing spatial awareness. Highlight individual structures to hear pronunciation and explore detailed contextual information. Be sure to try it out for yourself and in the mean time see Primal VR in action in this short video.

Primal VR Features Include:

  • Interact with Primal’s 3-D anatomy model in a fully immersive virtual environment
  • Enjoy comprehensive coverage of the entire human body with over 13,000 structures individually modelled
  • Navigate anatomy models by walking around them or manipulating the models themselves
  • Employ the intuitive tools used to manipulate the anatomy including:
  • Structure selection
  • Hiding structures
  • X-ray structures
  • Pull out structures
  • Structure pronunciation

Primal VR is perfect for:

  • Increasing engagement, comprehension, excitement and attendance – leading to enhanced assessment outcomes.
  • Blended learning environments, providing another touchpoint and new way of approaching the subject matter.
  • Educators looking to record narrated lectures with dynamic and engaging visuals.
  • Simulating and enhancing the experience of the cadaver lab, before and after live sessions.
  • Referring to terms with confidence using the comprehensive audio pronunciation guide.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event. If you would like to learn more now, please reach out to us to schedule a webinar to review Primal Pictures products more in-depth. Click here and a TDS Health Team Member will get in touch with you shortly.