Now Available: AAFP Conditions A-Z Patient Information Instructions

The value-added (free to all current subscribers) STAT!Ref resource AAFP Conditions A-Z now includes an optional form that can be used by clinicians to give patients instructions about their treatment, procedure and prescribed medications.

AAFP Conditions A-Z is a handy patient-information tool created by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), a national medical organization representing more than 93,700 family physicians, family practice residents and medical students. 

All of the information in Conditions A-Z has been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the AAFP. Common conditions, medical diseases, treatments and health tips (many available in Spanish) are presented alphabetically and can be searched in STAT!Ref online.

Users can now print the information for their patients to enhance understanding and health promotion. The content of Conditions A-Z is intended for all individuals who are seeking reliable health information. Health content is written at a 6th to 8th grade reading level to make information understandable and accessible to all users. Content written specifically for children and teens is also available.

AAFP Conditions A-Z Patient topics are educational articles, but what’s the purpose of Patient Instructions? Information on the form explains what the patient should do to treat their condition. Information from the clinician is important for the specific patient. It is not intended to duplicate information from topics in Conditions A-Z using different words or phrases.

You can access the Patient Instructions form in AAFP Conditions A-Z by clicking the printer icon in the menu header on each page. The tooltip for the printer is “Print with or without instructions.” How are parts on the form used? Check boxes next to fields allow them to be omitted or included on the printed form. The Reset button clears the form, so information for a new patient can be entered. Please note that the form is not: a registration form used by hospitals or clinics; information that is required by hospitals or physicians; endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians or any other healthcare association.  

Do you have questions about this new feature? Contact the TDS team to learn more or to schedule a webinar demonstration.