Osmosis: New Resources on COVID-19

As stated in a recent blog post Osmosis: Source for the Latest COVID-19 Information, TDS Health product partner Osmosis has provided a helpful, free, publicly accessible page containing several videos and other pertinent information relating to COVID-19. This page illustrates their fast-moving content development and ability to make quick changes, with such a rapidly evolving topic as this.

Among other things, new to this ever-changing informative page is a daily report with Osmosis Chief Medical Officer Rishi Desai, MD, MPH. Dr. Desai is not only affiliated with Osmosis, he is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Attending at Stanford University School of Medicine and former Epidemic Intelligence Officer at the CDC. So, you can be assured that this and other content from Osmosis is reputable and relevant. There are also new COVID-19 fact sheets and helpful infographics that can be re-posted on your social media. See their webpage here and details on these new items below.

First, with the Coronavirus Pandemic Daily Report with Rishi Desai, stay on top of the latest COVID-19 news. In each report, Dr. Rishi Desai will deliver a short, focused explanation of a specific COVID-19 topic, and provide updates on the current status of the pandemic, both within the US and globally. Tune in each day for objective, reliable insights into the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the globe. See a recent report below.

Also, see the Osmosis COVID Fact Sheet: Information for Healthcare Workers and Osmosis COVID Fact Sheet: Treating COVID 19 at Home, as well as the helpful infographics posted below.

Osmosis Infographic Spread Prevention.png

Osmosis Infographic Infections on Surfaces.png

Osmosis Infographic Symptoms Comparison .png

Osmosis Infographic How Contagious is COVID-19.png

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