TDS Health Quarterly News

We hope this message finds you staying healthy, optimistic and, most importantly, supported as we embark on this second year of enduring significant change. Here at TDS Health, we have aimed to meet unique needs necessitated by the pandemic to provide resources to help bring your users together during these distanced times. But, more than anything, please know that we miss seeing you in-person, whether it be at your institution, conferences and more. That said, we look forward to the opportunity to meet you again some day soon. In the meantime, please see below for what is new this quarter.

The latest Quarterly Newsletter e-mail recently sent to subscribers includes:

New Resource: Springer Publishing’s ExamPrepConnect is a suite of certification preparation products with robust review content, exam-style questions with detailed answer rationales and interactive features and functionality.

Celebrating 30 years of continuously evolving human anatomy resources, Primal Pictures invites you to explore the past three years of its intuitive, flexible, and impactful anatomy and physiology software innovations, developed in direct response to customer needs. 

 Educators use Picmonicas a resource because it is radically different, highly effective, and built for today’s generation. Learn how educators use Picmonic, a resource that can be integrated into your LMS, to help their students improve knowledge retention. 

For Subscribers, there is a new BoardVitals Training Video: Taking Quizzes for your users. This short video simply shows a user how to create a new quiz by choosing an available test bank from the drop-down on the dashboard.

Cram Fighter helps thousands of students each year organize their study resources and prepare for medical board exams. Think of Cram Fighter as a personal board exam study schedule manager for medical students.

New ASHP’s Drug Shortages database is the most widely recognized leading source of evidence-based drug shortage information for clinicians, consumers, and health policy leaders. Having any one or more of certain American Society of Health-System Pharmacists titles in your TDS Health subscription qualifies you for ASHP’s Drug Shortages, a free STAT!Ref value-added resource.

AHFS Patient Medication Information, is the trusted, independent resource that is the backbone of the consumer drug information of many popular websites. Having any one or more of certain American Society of Health-System Pharmacists titles in your STAT!Ref subscription qualifies you for this free value-added resource.

Have You Used Pharmacology World? Pharmacology World has one of the most complete collections of teaching videos focused on pharmacology created by renowned expert, Dr. Michael Lee. With a robust collection of 50 different videos and over 12 hours of content, users will master the key concepts of pharmacology as well as improve your retention. Please take a moment to check out this brief overview video to learn more below.

Newest STAT!Ref Titles and Editions: Nurse’s Drug HandbookComprehensive Certification Manual for Disease Specific CareThe Joint Commission Big Book of Performance Improvement Tools and TemplatesIC Made EasyThe Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists for Infection Prevention and ControlOncology Nursing Drug Handbook and more. 

The STAT!Ref database now has seven new Comprehensive Accreditation Manuals from Joint Commission Resources. The 2021 Comprehensive Accreditation Manuals provide the key information your health care organization needs to achieve and maintain continuous standards compliance and experience operational improvement. 

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